“Pet obesity remains the leading health threat to our nation’s pets. We continue to see an escalation in the number of overweight cats and an explosion in the number of type 2 diabetes cases.”

Dr. Ernie Ward, Practitioner, Founder of the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention

Our Focus

Few veterinarians would disagree that pet obesity is one of the biggest challenges facing the profession, pet parents and of course, pets themselves.  Overweight and obese pets are at risk of serious health problems like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and cancer.  Obesity cuts lives short—and the relationship between pet and parent.

And now it’s an epidemic:  more than half of all pets in the country are either overweight or obese.

We are relentlessly focused on ending that epidemic.

Our Technology


Let’s face it…food is love.  Most pet parents either are not sure just how much food to offer their pets, or, in feeding excessively, confuse emotion with nutritional needs.

Weight gain can creep up slowly, and it’s hard–and sometimes even impossible–to reverse the course.  In the 65% of homes that have multiple pets, weight management is even more complicated and difficult.

There simply are no convenient options to control the diets of multiple pets so that each individual pet gets only their ration and no other.


But, now there’s a better way.  We have developed unique and proprietary technology that controls what pets can and cannot access in their day-to-day living.

Our system automatically senses and identifies specific pets, enabling them to individually interact with different devices in the world around them. Our focus is on robotic-based electromechanical technology that can not only simplify and improve the treatment of pet obesity, but also enhance overall pet wellness.

At Vet Innovations, we live by the motto: “Any smoothly functioning (pet-centric) technology will (no, MUST) have the appearance of magic.”
– Arthur C. Clarke / (Bob LaRoche)


Vet Innovations envisions a future using Wi-Fi enabled products creating a “pet-centric” communications portal in the multi-pet home, and thereby improving connectivity between pet parents and veterinarians. It’s through this platform that we help facilitate two-way dialogue to enhance the life-long health and wellness of pets.

We continue to actively work on integrating Vet Innovations technology, including biometric identification, into other pet product applications centered on improving companion animal health. Envision a feeder that allows one pet on a special diet to eat, but prevents another from consuming that food. A gate that opens for one pet, but not another. A litter box designated for a specific cat and no other.  The opportunities are endless.

Introducing The PortionPro Rx

The PortionPro, a prescribed solution for Pet Obesity in Multi-Pet Homes. Learn more about the PortionPro by viewing our video. For further details, visit the
PortionPro website.

About Us

In 2011, a diverse and passionate group of visionaries came together with a mission: dramatically improve the lives of pets, pet parents and their veterinarians through groundbreaking, innovative technology centered on animal wellness.

Five years later, we are closer than ever to realizing that dream. Because of our unrelenting focus and pursuit of new solutions, we’re not far from introducing novel technical solutions that could help mitigate life-threatening companion animal diseases.  And in doing so, extend the lives of pets, and enhance the relationships they have with their pet parents and veterinarians.


Pet Obesity Epidemic

Nearly 100 million pets in the U.S. are overweight or obese, making weight the leading health threat to our nation’s companion animals today. Sharp Increase in Obesity Rates Data reported by Nationwide, the country’s largest provider of pet health insurance, indicate... read more

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