Device uses patented technology to help pets lose weight by controlling both portions and access.

Eighty-seven percent of overweight pets lost weight during successful field trials.

Feb. 5, 2018 – Burlington, Conn. – Research shows that pet obesity is the number-one chronic disease
affecting pets, leading to serious health conditions that shorten pets’ lives. Vet Innovations announced
today that the PortionPro Rx is now available as a tool for veterinarians and pet owners to boost
compliance with weight-loss recommendations.

The PortionPro Rx is an intelligent pet feeder that uses proprietary access-control technology to ensure that dogs and cats follow prescription diets and prevent food theft between pets in multi-pet households.
Veterinarians can prescribe the PortionPro Rx through Vetsource™, the only industry-endorsed home
delivery pharmacy provider.

Pet Obesity: A Growing Problem
Banfield Pet Hospitals recently released its 2017 State of Pet Health™ Report highlighting a widespread
trend of overweight pets nationwide. According to the report, Banfield witnessed a 158% increase in
overweight dogs and a 169% increase in overweight cats since 2007.

Similarly, Nationwide Insurance announced earlier this year that its members filed more than 1.4 million
pet insurance claims in 2016, of which 20% were for conditions related to pet obesity, equaling more than
$62 million in veterinary expenses. This represents a 24% growth in obesity-related claims over the last four

“Obesity remains the leading health threat to our nation’s pets, despite the best efforts of the veterinary
community,” said Ernie Ward, DVM, Founder of the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention. “With Vet
Innovation’s PortionPro Rx, we now have a solution that veterinarians can prescribe to help pet owners
more easily administer weight-loss diets, especially in multi-pet households.”

“I’m always getting questions from clients about how to feed specific diets to specific pets,” added Kara
Burns, MS, MEd, LVT, VTS (Nutrition). “Until now, we’ve often had to default to one diet for all pets in a
home, based on the greatest medical need. The PortionPro Rx is a perfect way to address the need for
different diets and portion control in a multi-pet environment.”

What Makes the PortionPro Rx Different?
The PortionPro Rx uses patented RFID technology to control both portions and access. When the assigned
pet approaches, the feeder door opens so the pet can eat. If an unassigned pet approaches, the door closes
until that unassigned pet leaves. The device also measures and dispenses the recommended amount of
food for the assigned pet to control overeating.

“The PortionPro Rx is a newly available approach that complements what the veterinarian is already doing
to help patients lose weight,” said Troy Hexter, DVM and Chief Medical Officer of Vet Innovations. “It works
beautifully in homes with multiple pets to minimize mealtime chaos and ensure that the right pet eats the
right food in the right amount. Combining the PortionPro Rx device with a veterinarian-prescribed weight loss
diet is the ideal way to help pets lose weight and live longer, happier lives.”

Success in Field Trials
Vet Innovations worked with Aviants Insight & Strategy LLC, an independent third-party market research
firm, to conduct a series of field trials during 2017. One hundred households with pets used the PortionPro
Rx feeder for three months to measure the appropriate food portions, regulate the timing of feedings, and
prevent food theft between pets.

As a result of the trial:
• 87% of overweight pets lost weight during the trial.
• 97% of pet owners said food stealing between pets was eliminated.
• 83% of pet owners said it was easier to follow a prescription diet.
• 86% of pet owners saw reduced stress and frustration at mealtime.

Pet owners with multiple pets found the device particularly useful for pet weight loss. “Our cat Bear has
been on weight-loss diets for years and they didn’t work,” said Meg McCracken, who participated in the
field trials with her two cats, Bear and Maggie. “With the help of the PortionPro Rx, Bear has been able to
lose 2 pounds in just two months. I’ve already noticed that he’s happier and healthier.”

Veterinarians who are interested in prescribing the PortionPro Rx can do so through the Vetsource Home
Delivery service. Vetsource also provides technical support for pet owner questions regarding the
PortionPro Rx. For more information, visit

About Vet Innovations, Inc.
Vet Innovations’ mission is to dramatically improve the lives of pets, pet parents, and veterinarians through
groundbreaking technology to reduce pet obesity and enhance wellness. The company’s proprietary
robotic-based electromagnetic technology automatically identifies individual pets to control their access to
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