Converse is developing a sales team to support PortionPro Rx™ and other game-changing product introductions.

BURLINGTON, Conn., September 19, 2017
– Vet Innovations, Inc., is excited to welcome Paul Converse, an accomplished Fortune 100/Nestle Purina executive, to the company’s leadership team. Converse’s appointment is effective immediately, and he will serve as director of sales. In the near-term, he will play a major role in strategic planning and building a strong sales organization to drive the company’s introduction of the PortionPro Rx to the veterinary community in the coming months.

“Paul’s wealth of experience in the veterinary nutrition industry will be a great asset as we finalize preparations and begin our national rollout of this revolutionary technology to reduce pet obesity and enhance pet wellness,” says Bob LaRoche, president and chief executive officer of Vet Innovations. “His expertise will help us quickly and effectively reach customers now and for years to come with innovative solutions to dramatically improve the lives of pets, pet parents, and veterinarians.”

Prior to joining Vet Innovations, Converse served as president and chief executive officer of The Executive’s Edge, a Pennsylvania-based consulting company specializing in leadership development and project management. Additionally, throughout his long-term corporate career he worked in various sales and strategic leadership roles at Nestle Purina North America, PepsiCo, and Procter & Gamble.

“During my nearly 30-year tenure working in the pet nutrition industry, I saw firsthand how important proper nutrition and specialized diets are in optimal dog and cat health. I also developed a deep appreciation for the committed efforts veterinary professionals make every day to help pets and pet parents live better lives,” says Converse. “Vet Innovations’ product offerings are in sync with this driving passion and will make it easier for pet parents to comply with veterinarian-prescribed feeding recommendations to improve pet health.”

Converse notes that he also looks forward to working with a broad cross-section of the veterinary industry from hospitals to thought leaders. These connections will play a crucial role as Vet Innovations continues to develop, perfect, and deliver groundbreaking solutions to address critical pet healthcare needs.

Converse earned a bachelor of arts degree from Princeton University and an executive master of business administration degree from St. Joseph’s University. He serves on the board of directors for Pets for Patriots, Inc., a non-profit organization that places at-risk dogs as companion animals for military veterans. Paul and his wife, Margie, live in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, and have three grown children.

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Vet Innovations’ mission is to dramatically improve the lives of pets, pet parents, and veterinarians through groundbreaking technology to reduce pet obesity and enhance wellness. The company’s proprietary robotic-based electromagnetic technology automatically identifies individual pets to control their access to devices, such as the PortionPro Rx and other future products under development.

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