VetSource will fulfill prescription orders for new PortionPro Rx™ food access control medical device.

BURLINGTON, Conn., February 1, 2017 –
Vet Innovations announced today that effective immediately VetSource will become the company’s distribution and fulfillment partner for its new PortionPro Rx product. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, VetSource provides convenient, reliable delivery and customer support for veterinarian-prescribed products to pet parents in all 50 states.

Vet Innovations and VetSource expect to begin fulfilling PortionPro Rx orders later this year. The product will be available exclusively through veterinarians.

“We are excited to partner with VetSource to provide our customers with an exceptionally engineered veterinary device supported with exceptional service,͟ says Bob LaRoche, president and chief executive officer, Vet Innovations. VetSource is well-known in the industry for secure and seamless distribution of prescribed products to make veterinarians’ lives easier.”

VetSource will deliver PortionPro Rx directly to pet parents and provide full customer service via phone and email. Vet Innovations’ product experts will offer additional technical support.

“We are pleased to work with Vet Innovations to deliver and support the new PortionPro Rx prescribed solution to help veterinarians and pet parents solve the frustrating problem of pet obesity,” says Andrew Bane, Ph.D., chief operating officer, VetSource. “VetSource is committed to exceeding expectations with ultraconvenient, dependable service.”

Vet Innovations, Inc. Announces Distribution Partnership with VetSource

PortionPro Rx is a unique prescribed solution featuring proprietary access-control technology for use in pet feeding within multi-pet homes to help reverse and prevent pet obesity.

PortionPro Rx will be introduced to veterinarians at the 2017 North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) Conference to be held in Orlando, Florida, from February 4 to 8, 2017. NAVC attendees are invited to preview the PortionPro Rx at the interactive Vet Innovations live demonstration area (Exhibit 3332) that will run throughout the upcoming conference.

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As the only industry-endorsed Home Delivery partner, VetSource’s technologies ensure both veterinarians and their clients benefit from secure pharmaceutical services and leading pet care products. Cutting edge programs such as ScriptRight™ and RemindMe™, along with their easy-to-use AutoShipment system, ensure pet owners receive their pet’s medications and nutrition products delivered on a regular schedule. These technologies help boost veterinary hospital sales and help improve client compliance. VetSource employs fully licensed Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians who review, fulfill, and re-review every order. The company is passionate when it comes to processes and operational standards, which is why they’ve earned Vet-VIPPS accreditation and are properly licensed in all 50 states. They offer essential services for veterinary hospitals and guarantee dependable Home Deliver for pet owners. To learn more, visit or call 877-738-8883